Top Luxury Sunglasses Brand

How many top luxury sunglasses brand do you know, today we share it together.


Speaking of sunglasses, if not mentioned Rayban glasses today, I believe you will not agree. Although both luxury and cheap brands will be out of sunglasses, but the status of cheap Ray Ban in the sunglasses industry is unshakable presence. Whether it is the star or the influx of people, love to use it to bend shape, Ray Ban Aviator, Wayfarer are also classic.

Luxury Sunglasses Brand - Ray Ban
Luxury Sunglasses Brand – Ray Ban


Oakley is not just a glasses brand, but also a sports brand, because oakley sunglasses mainly focus on the sports areas, such as skiing, racing and so on. Oakley’s products include men’s and women’s professional sports series and active lifestyle series.

Luxury Sunglasses Brand - Oakley
Luxury Sunglasses Brand – Oakley

3.Grey Ant

New York from the glasses brand ant ant does not follow the mainstream, but often give people surprises, showing their own unique charm. Large box wayfarer and geometric frame are its home hot style, full of futuristic but not classic, domineering, in order to become a lot of stars out of the street necessary.

Luxury Sunglasses Brand - Grey Ant
Luxury Sunglasses Brand – Grey Ant

4.Retro Super Future

Italian popular sunglasses brand Retro Super Future by virtue of its unique personality and exquisite craftsmanship in recent years gradually accumulate popularity as the fashion industry sunglasses star. And many brands and artists have had a joint, such as Andy Warhol, Carhartt WIP, Giorgio Moroder and so have had cooperation.

Luxury Sunglasses Brand - Retro Super Future
Luxury Sunglasses Brand – Retro Super Future

5.Linda Farrow

British eyewear brand Linda Farrow sunglasses industry is undoubtedly one of the best, from the designer Linda Farrow introduced in 1970, although the eighties and nineties a slight stagnation, but has been much fashion attention. At that time the former Beatles four singer John Lennon wife Yoko Ono, are designated inda Farrow sunglasses. It’s retro style and full of futuristic, regardless of work or style are full luxury, the price of course, not cheap.

Luxury Sunglasses Brand - Linda Farrow
Luxury Sunglasses Brand – Linda Farrow

6.Karen Walker

By the New Zealand designer Karen Walker founded the same name brand Karen Walker since the introduction of glasses in 2005 series, the big influx of people sought after stars. Avant-garde fashion yet classic, different from the classic, it’s home street sunglasses full range of sunglasses, and it’s home arrow section is also a smash hit, surely the influx of people must know and will not miss.

Luxury Sunglasses Brand - Karen Walker
Luxury Sunglasses Brand – Karen Walker

Oakley Glasses For Sking At The Winter

It’s Winter now, I believe many people are like skiing, especially now in winter, it is a good time for skiing. Oakley glasses is a good choice, but how to select one? I recommend Oakley¬† Dragon APX series any models equipped with Prizm lenses. For skiing may encounter the complex environment, the broader the better vision of ski glasses, and large spherical lens is the best choice for vision. Dragon APX and Oakley FLIGHTDUCK are large spherical models. APX lens models rich, especially now that the popular Transitions color lenses can be a mirror away the world. Dragon’s cost is much cheaper than Oakley.

Oakley Glasses For Sking At The Winter
Oakley Glasses For Sking At The Winter

For a long time in the white snow world glide, the sensitivity of the eye will be reduced. The use of this Cheap oakley glasses sharp mirror, can enhance the human eye in the snow in the sensitive color – blue and orange. Improve the snow profile, the texture of the visibility. But also effectively resist the glare, so to see the scene is a good reduction, objects are more clear, more accurate position. So you see more clearly, thereby enhancing the safety of skiing.

In addition, the whole frame design to increase the visibility, vision more open, so you see more in the ski scene, to avoid the risk of blind spots. Equipped with anti-bump bumper to prevent high-speed taxiing in the process of the impact of foreign bodies such as branches.

Oakley Glasses For Sking At The Winter
Oakley Glasses For Sking At The Winter

This snow mirror has also joined the ventilation holes and breathable sponge, and the inside of the double-layer lens coated with F3 anti-fog coating, greatly alleviate the process of skiing lens fog affect the sight of the problem.

Oakley Snow frame using Oukeli patent O-MATTER memory material, no matter how cold it wears it, can be comfortably close to the face.