3D Printing And Oakley Sunglasses

Over the past few years, The 3D printing technology are fashion and popular more and more. This particularly rings true for accessories like eyewear, which have been designed and 3D printed for a number of purposes, from smart glasses that count your calories to luxury Oakley sunglasses.

This arising technology has accustomed eyewear to be advised to fit the needs of the wearer, which is abnormally accessible if it comes to contest and added alfresco activities.

Last year, SEIKO Optical Europe, Hoet Design Studio, and Materialise collaborated to actualize the SEIKO Xchanger collection, a 3D printed eyewear artefact band advised to fit the able-bodied needs and facial appearance of the wearer. The 3D printed sunglasses were aboriginal presented at the eyes fair Silmo 2015 in Paris, and won the celebrated Silmo d’Or accolade for arete in optical addition in the Sport Equipment Category. Now, one custom brace of SEIKO Xchanger sunglasses accept fabricated it to a abode not abounding accept dared adventure before… The North Pole.

Polar charlatan Dixie Dansercoer has led several record-breaking expeditions throughout the Arctic and Antarctic, and knows that eyewear is a analytical accent in the acrid and baking altitude of these regions. But due to Dansercoer’s top adenoids bridge, accepted cheap Oakley sunglasses larboard a adverse gap amid his face and the anatomy of the eyewear. This gap would sometimes could cause the alfresco explorer’s eyes to accept a afire and agog sensation, which could be a abundant hinderance to such a betraying journey.

That’s why the charlatan absitively to try out the 3D printed Xchanger sports eyewear, which was custom advised to fit his face and ecology needs. Dansercoer has his face scanned in adjustment to actualize the optimal brace of Oakley sunglasses, which he begin to be a above advance over acceptable eyewear that never seemed to fit absolutely right. The alfresco charlatan bare sunglasses that did two primary things, fit his “not-so-normal” face appropriately and aswell assure his eyes.

The 3D printed SEIKO brace provided absolute fit and eyes to the arctic explorer. Areas like the Arctic and Antarctic about crave accessory that is accurately fabricated for those acrid surroundings. Outside of the action they serve, the 3D printed SEIKO eyewear has been accepted artlessly for acceptance the wearer to adapt and personalize their actual own brace of Oakley sunglasses outlet. What SEIKO, Hoet Design Studio, and Materialise managed to achieve with their 3D printed eyewear goes above a appearance statement. In fact, acknowledgment to Dansercoer, these sunglasses accept gone to a abode that actual few humans accept anytime been to in their lives.

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